Cook-It-Yourself Packs are available at participating McDonald’s Take Out and Drive-Thru!

List of Participating McDonald’s Stores

Cook-It-Yourself Packs are available through Take Out or Drive-Thru at participating McDonald’s branches listed below. Availability of products may vary per store and list of participating stores may change without prior notice.

Cook-It-Yourself Packs make it easier for you to prepare your meals at home. Follow the instructions below or explore another recipe to your liking!


One 1 kg pack serves approximately 27 to 28 pieces

Batter preparation:

  1. In a large bowl, place equal amounts of the Hotcake Mix and cold water (i.e. 100g of hotcake mix = 100mL of water).                            
    • Set aside unused Hotcake Mix, seal and store in a dry place.
  2. Carefully whisk the batter until smooth & until no lumps are seen.

Cooking procedure:

  1. Heat a non-stick pan and grease with butter.
  2. Scoop portions of the batter onto the pan, depending on your preferred hotcake size.
  3. When bubbles form on the surface, flip the hotcake.
  4. Cook for an additional 30-45 seconds.
  5. Remove from pan.

Best served with butter and hotcake syrup!



One 80 g pack serves approximately 7 cups

  1. Tear open a pack of Premium Coffee Grounds.
  2. Pour contents into your coffee brewer.
  3. Brew accordingly.

Best served with sugar and creamer or milk!


Have any more questions? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below:


What products are available?

Customers can now get Cook-It-Yourself Packs of Premium Coffee Grounds, Hotcake Mix, Hotcake Syrup, Tonkatsu Sauce, Mayonnaise, Hot Fudge Topping and Caramel Topping.

Why are you no longer selling Cook-It-Yourself Packs of marinated chicken cuts, Chicken McNuggets and Breaded Chicken Fillet?

As the Cook-It-Yourself Pack is a promotional program, we rotate products that will be made available to customers at our stores, however, you may check select SM Markets (Hypermarket, Supermarket, Savemore) and Waltermart Supermarkets for frozen Cook-It-Yourself products. For this round of the promotion, you may enjoy Cook-It-Yourself Packs of Premium Coffee Grounds, Hotcake Mix, Hotcake Syrup, Tonkatsu Sauce, Mayonnaise, Hot Fudge Topping and Caramel Topping until supplies last!

Where can I buy the products?

You may buy Cook-It-Yourself Packs in select McDonald’s stores through Take Out and Drive Thru. You may scroll up to see list of participating stores.

Are the Cook-It-Yourself Packs available through McDelivery?

No, Cook-It-Yourself Packs are not available for delivery. Customers have other convenient options like Drive-Thru or Take-out at participating McDonald’s stores.

Are these products available in Supermarkets?

Cook-It-Yourself Packs of Premium Coffee Grounds, Hotcake Mix, Hotcake Syrup, Tonkatsu Sauce, Mayonnaise, Hot Fudge Topping and Caramel Topping are not available in Supermarkets. Other variants of Cook-It-Yourself Packs may be available in select supermarkets.

Is it available in (insert McDo branch/location)?

You may scroll up to see list of participating stores.


Pricing and purchase requirement

How much are the products?

The cost of each Cook-It-Yourself Pack varies:

  • Coffee Grounds (80 g or approx. 7 cups) is Php 99 per pack
  • Hotcake Mix (1 kg or approx. 27-28 servings) is Php 149 per pack
  • Hotcake Syrup (1 kg) is Php 199 per pack
  • Tonkatsu Sauce (1 kg) is Php 199 per pack
  • Mayonnaise (1.5 kg) is Php 399 per pack
  • Hot Fudge Topping (2 kg) is Php 399 per pack
  • Caramel Topping (2 kg) is Php 399 per pack


Is there a minimum purchase amount required? How many packs can each customer buy?

No minimum purchase amount required. As long as the store has supply, there is no limit to how many packs of Cook-It-Yourself Packs each customer can buy. However, we do recommend you only buy what you can consume to give others the opportunity to enjoy the offer.

Are senior citizen and PWD discounts applicable?

Yes, senior citizens and PWDs are entitled to the 20% discount and 12% VAT exemption on their purchases for personal consumption. Customer must simply present their ID and booklet for the discounts to be processed. The total purchase of basic necessities and prime commodities (including purchases from supermarkets and groceries), should not exceed P1,300.00 per calendar week. No Purchase Booklet, No Discount.

Are discounts for national athletes and coaches applicable?

Phil. Sports Commission has not yet issued IDs for this year, hence no National Athletes and Coaches discount can be availed.


Product details

When will the products expire?

The products have various expiration dates which is reflected on each packaging.

Are the products ready to cook or ready to use?

Cook-It-Yourself products are ready to cook/use. Please refer to the handling guidelines included in each pack.

Will I get the same quality as the ones bought from and cooked in the stores?

Quality of Cook-It-Yourself products are at par with the regular offers we serve in our stores. However, the taste may vary depending on how the products are cooked/ prepared. You may refer to the cooking/preparation guidelines on the packaging or you may prepare the products however you like it!



Why are you selling Cook-It-Yourself Packs?

We are making Cook-It-Yourself Packs available for sale to help customers have access to food ingredients they can conveniently cook/use and enjoy at home.

Until when can we buy Cook-It-Yourself Packs?

Cook-It-Yourself Packs are available until supplies last. Note that availability of products may vary per store.

Can I still order Cook-It-Yourself Packs from McDonald’s even after the ECQ is lifted?

If stores still have supply, yes you may continue to purchase Cook-It-Yourself Packs.

How come you're not selling burger patties/ fries?

As much as we would want to offer more items, we currently have limited inventory to make it happen. In the meantime, you can continuously enjoy your favorite McDonald’s food through McDelivery, Drive-Thru or Take-Out!

Can I use McDonald’s gift certificates Cook-It-Yourself packs?

Yes, McDonald’s gift certificates may be used to buy Cook-It-Yourself Packs.

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